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About Operation Protect & Defend

Operation Protect & Defend is a partnership between the Sacramento legal community and Sacramento area schools. The goal of the program is to increase students' understanding of our legal system and to inspire greater civic engagement among students.

Through Operation Protect & Defend, students explore a contemporary legal issue, both through a teacher-led curriculum and through a class dialogue with a local judge and attorney. After the dialogue, students have the opportunity to further develop and share their thoughts and reactions to the topics by participating in art and essay competitions.

The Curriculum

2018 Curriculum

Executive Order 9066 and the Subsequent Internment and Incarceration of Japanese Americans. 

What happened then, and how is it relevant today?





Essay Contest

Modern Masters of Art Contest


How can I get my school involved in Operation Protect & Defend?
What year/course is Operation Protect & Defend designed for?

The program is designed for 11th and 12th graders, typically in a social science course such as government/civics or a law academy course, and often coupled with an art course.